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Americans appreciate a good steak. Perhaps this is why the largest concentration of Americans abroad is in Buenos Aires. Alternatively,  it could be because of the European feel with third world prices. Maybe it’s because of the amazing wine from Mendoza. Likely, it’s the combination of all of these. These are the most amazing dishes in Argentina that you can pair with that Malbec for usually less than $30.



Every South American country claims empanadas are from their country but origin and etymology won’t matter much to you when you take your first bite of an “empanada con carne”. Argentine empanadas are baked which differs them rom most fried empanadas elsewhere.


Choripan is short for “pan con chorizo” or bread with sausage. It sounds simple but a simple stroll through a park in the city you’ll find some five-star street food topped with chimichurri (below) and all the fixings you’d expect.


Unfortunately for many with an American palette, Argentina doesn’t really have any spicy food. What they do have is chimichurri. Every restaurant will have their own unique chimichurri, and when you come across a good one, you’ll want to come back for more. It usually contains some mix of herbs, garlic and onions.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is more than a popular tea which dates back before Europeans took over. Mate is n essential part of every Argentines day. One gourd of mate is usually shared by many in social settings, including on a hot day at the beach.


The best alfajores come from Argentina, according to Argentines. Alfajores are essentially caramel cookie sandwiches but you can find a wide array of different artisan alfajores to eat with your mid-day coffee.


Anyone you ask about their last trip to Argentina will tell you, the best steak comes from Argentina. Argentine steak is one of those rare instances where the hype doesn’t do justice to the actual dish. Argentines learn from a young age how to cook a steak, so any restaurant you go to will have perfectly cooked grass-fed beef.


Though the grape came from Europe, the Mendoza region of Argentina proved the most fruitful for the Malbec grape. Wine from this region is famous among wine connoisseurs from all over.