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Across Latin America there is a pride in cuisine unlike any other continent. The variety of cultures mixed together with a plethora of resources make for some amazing food. Peru is the perfect example of this variety. There are some similarities between Venezuelan and Peruvian food, but for the most part, they are very different.

Peruvian cuisine is consistently rated as having some the best food in the world. From fresh fish off the plentiful coast, to the Andean mountains to the unique flavors offered by the Amazon its the mix of these varied offerings that make the food so amazing. Couple this with some Spanish influence from the country’s history and you have some of the most underrated dishes in the world.

Peruvian food is like no other.  Some try to make comparisons to Mexican food because of the inclination to make food spicy. Others try to make comparisons to bordering countries, but any Peruvian will point out if there is any comparison, Peruvians were the first and the other countries followed.

To Start

Any meal other than dinner is appropriate for the delicious and simple Peruvian ceviche. Much simpler than ceviche from other countries, Peruvian cevichice is world famous. Its made spicy, so be sure to ask for it “sin aji” if spicy food isn’t your cup of tea.


Entrees from Peru are unbelievably delicious. If you like hearty and spicy you will love the main dishes from Peru. It’s a good thing Peruvians tend to have their big meals at lunch because you’ll need time to recover!


There are so many spicy peppers in Peru and so many ways to prepare them that no matter what restaurant you go to there will be a delicious colorful salsa for you to try.


Far from the staple of Peruvian cuisine, sanduiches are delicious but not dissimilar to sandwiches from the United States, except in their use of hardboiled eggs.


Most Peruvian soups have their roots in the Andes. They tend to be very heavy on meat and potatoes. The spices from this region combined with the centuries old recipes make these soups a must for the gastronomic traveler.