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You push a cart through the grocery store, list in hand, and head straight for your usual items. The produce section in a grocery store has all of your in-season standards. Apples, grapes, oranges, strawberries, bananas– nothing you haven’t seen before. But you look right passed those oddly shaped produce items you’ve never eaten before because you don’t know what they are. Exotic produce sounds a bit out of your comfort zone, but in hindsight you”ll be glad you tried them!

Passion Fruit

As a small, round fruit with a purple casing, passion fruit has a lot to offer. This tropical fruit is a sweet, tangy fruit with yellow pulp filled with edible seeds. Because it’s tart with a natural sweetness, it makes the perfect ingredient to a nice drink or dessert. Passion fruit is a common puree flavor in juices, but is also useful to many other recipes. If you’re interested in trying this fruit, some recipes that include passion fruit range from salsas and sauces to cakes and cocktails.

Star Fruit (Carambola)

Whether you eat it fresh or cut up into a salad, the star fruit’s yellow color is easy to spot in any grocery store. Its round body with 5 ridges looks odd uncut, but once you’ve sliced it, you suddenly have fun, star-shaped fruit– hence the name. Choosing and preparing the star fruit properly is pretty easy and results in a deliciously, tart snack. From a sense of nutritional value, people enjoy star fruit because its low in calories but is high in vitamin C and contains antioxidants that are beneficial to your body.


Also known as the Purple Mangosteen, this fruit is grows mainly in South Asia as well as Southwest India. A tropical fruit to say the least, the mangosteen is an extremely healthy fruit with numerous benefits. Eating mangosteen can reduce your risk of cancer, allergies, inflammation and more. It can also give you healthy skin, aid in weight management, and provide nutritional value. Known as the “queen of fruits”, you’ll want to try the mangosteen!

Dragon Fruit

That strange pinkish-red fruit with pineapple-like skin you see at the grocery store is called Dragon Fruit. Its inside is filled with a white flesh and black edible seeds. Indigenous to Central America, this tropical fruit is mildly sweet and perfect for a refreshing, nutritional snack. It’s also common to add dragon fruit to smoothies and juices for its semi-sweet notes.